Consignment sale

You have agreed with our merchant on the price that would suit you? Does not matter. Can you entrust your vehicle to a consignment sale for your idea. Once sold, we will pay you cash immediately. Our commission for this service is max. 5% of the selling price. Please note that parking is FREE.



Contra - buying cars in part exchange

You have chosen a newer vehicle with us and do not know what to do today? Happy to help. One of our specialists will make výkupce awards and of course due to the fact that in our buying another. If there is an agreement and to that certainly happens, we are your current truck will buy and you will only pay the difference, or the use as a down payment or deposit.



Imports of cars on order

You do not now what you need? Unfortunately, even this can happen. In this case you will enter our dealer vehicle specification you require. Once our mobile buyer will within the EU to find the car immediately will inform you. If the suit, we will deliver a deposit in the republic, including completion of all formalities.